Care – Genuine Leather Bags (Lia Talia)

Although each and every leather bag sold by Big Handbag Shop is produced to the same standard, each product is unique. Seeing as leather is a natural product there are natural variances in each hides grain pattern and markings. This natural feel is what makes each individual product so special.

Due to the different types of leathers used within our collections and ranges each requires care and attention in a differing manner. Many products will develop a vintage patina lending itself to the pure nature of the leather itself. Understanding how leather ages and how each should be taken care of will reap long term reward.

To ensure a long friendship between you and your Leather Handbag we have put together a general list of do’s and don’ts:

  • Avoid contact with water and if your handbag does get wet simply remove any residual water with a clean cloth.
  • Avoid prolonged periods of sun exposure without proper protection as the dyes used in the manufacturing can fade.
  • Please also be aware of possible colour transfer. To keep your bag in pristine condition wipe down the leather with a soft cloth and place back in the protective slip bag until the next time you use it.
  • We also recommend occasion use of leather wax and spray to prolong life of your genuine leather purchase
  • For genuine Suede and NuBuck leather - gently brush off any loose dust and then spray your handbag with appropriate suede cleaner. You can also use an appropriate water repellent spray made especially for suede items and if you are felling more adventuress you can also buy coloured suede spray in a can.
  • Use appropriate suede cleaner prior to applying colour to your suede bag.


Care – Faux Leather Bags (Big Handbag Shop, Mabel)

On our non leather fashion bags Polyurethane is often used. It is an inexpensive substitute which can be made to mimic the appearance of leather, similar to Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Even though polyurethane is a strong artificial material, it is still vulnerable to the kinds of damage that can alter leather.

Apply clear shoe polish onto the polyurethane strap to cover shallow scrapes and scratches. Apply a dab of polish to the area and brush it in using a shoe polishing brush. Work the polish in using a back and forth motion. Buff the area until it is smooth with a dry rag

Use a faux leather patching kit to cover deeper scratches. The patching compound is a thick liquid that can be squeezed out of the bottle and on to the area that needs to be patched. Choose the texture that best matches your purse.

Use Faux Leather kits to condition and protect your Big Handbag Shop Fashion Bag.

Although a lot of attention is paid while manufacturing the bags but occasionally Fresh faux leather has an odour that sticks with it for a while until the smell dissipates on its own. Hasten the process by taking the piece outdoors on a non-humid day, ideally a day with a bit of a breeze. Leave the furniture outside all day if possible, or at least for a few hours, to allow it to air out.

Baking soda sprinkled over all faux leather surfaces also helps remove any remaining odours. Let the powder sit for an hour or two, or even overnight and vacuum it up afterwards. Wiping the baking soda away with a damp cloth is another option if you don't want to drag out the vacuum cleaner. Protection Status